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Sell more on Cubee: A guide

CubeeOct 6, 2021
Opening a Cubee Printshop is a great way to boost your 3D business, but there’s much more you can do to fully utilize Cubee’s system and harness the power of the 3D community. This guide explains what to do and how, but first – a short but essential introduction. Short but essential introduction Cubee is home to […]

No Fees July! How, What and Why?

CubeeJul 11, 2021
Exclusively until the end of July, Cubee has decided to waive Its transactions fees on any sales made by Printshops on the platform. This means that anyone with a free Printshop on Cubee will receive his payments combined with the Cubee transaction fees, and In Fact, make 10% more on any sale. Generally, any sale […]

3D Printed Ultrasound – a glimpse into the future?

CubeeJul 6, 2021
Ever since the invention of 3D printers, industries all over the world have utilized it to advance their work. Science, art, education – you name it. The field of medicine has been involved no less. So much so, that it uses 3D printing now to print babies – for medical and diagnostic reasons of course. […]

Let’s talk about 3D Printing in Space

CubeeJun 10, 2021
On-demand manufacturing of parts and tools using 3D printing will dramatically reduce the time it takes to get parts into orbit and increase the safety of space missions while reducing mission costs: “The motto of our project is ‘Make it. Don’t take it'”.

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