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Become a “Verified Printshop”, How and Why

Owning a Cubee Printshop is a great way to accelerate your on-demand 3D printing services. But to fully utilize the power of the 3D community to boost your 3D business, it is important to Verify your Cubee Printshop.

What is a verified Printshop?

A verified Printshop Is a Printshop that has been reviewed by Cubee, and approved both as a trustworthy business, and as a Printshop with sufficient manufacturing quality and capabilities. 

Once a Printshop has been verified It is inserted into the Cubee Smart Buy algorithm, authorised to manufacture “secured” designer products, and is open to special collaborations with designers, brands, merchants & businesses.

Notice: A Premium Cubee Account is not required for a printshop to be verified, nor does it ensure verification. 

Why verify a Printshop?

There are two kinds of sellers on Cubee:

  • Manufacturers, who provide on demand 3D printing services via a Cubee Printshop.
  • Designers, who sell products with a Cubee studio.

Designers upload their designs to Cubee. These are sold as products and are manufactured post-sale, near the location of their customers. 

If a designer sells a product from his studio, the model is instantly sent for production via the Cubee Smart Buy algorithm that takes into consideration price, location, quality control, inventory, Printshop rating, manufacturing capabilities and the 3D file settings. Only verified Printshops will be able to receive these orders, so becoming a verified Printshop will open up a new potential revenue stream for the manufacturer.

A designer can choose whether his files will be shared with general Printshops worldwide or remain “secured”. A “secured” model will only be manufactured with Partner Printshops – These are verified Printshops that Cubee and the designer can trust will do whatever it takes to protect the designers intellectual property. Some models are so sensitive that the even Partner Printshops authorised to make the parts are hand-picked by the designer. 

How to verify a Printshop?

To become a verified Printshop a Manufacturer must complete 10 On-demand 3D printing jobs through the Cubee Platform, with an average rating of +4. At least 3 of the completed jobs must be paid jobs (though they can be jobs purchased with a discount coupon – in fact, we recommend using coupons to increase rating and prove manufacturing capabilities), and at least one of the jobs must include shipping. Once 10 jobs are complete the manufacturer will become verified after answering a short form. The Cubee team may ask the manufacturer additional questions in order to complete the verification process. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the Manufacturer is responsive to customers on the platform, its manufacturing quality is sufficient and is all around trustworthy.

How to become a Cubee Partner Printshop?

Once a verified Printshop remains active for over two months, (with at least 10 jobs per month) while holding it’s +4 rating, It can apply for a partnership, and will be assessed by the Cubee team. Cubee will select Partner Printshops depending on the geographical and manufacturing needs of specific designers.

That’s All!

Feel free to contact Cubee Support for any further questions you might have.