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Welcome to your Printshop – Tutorial

The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining what a Cubee Printshop looks like, and what you can do with it.

Getting to Know Your Printshop: Introduction Tutorial

Cubee in a new method of commerce – where everything is produced on-demand, locally. The platform gives the 3D printing community simple tools to provide enhanced services, optimizing & automating the cooperation between designers, manufacturers & sellers.

With a Cubee Printshop, 3D printing manufacturers can open a storefront for their 3D printers. In just 5 minutes, they are equipped with instant price quotes, an order management system, hundreds of 3D models to sell, and a store page for their business.

In this video, Uriah takes us through a quick tour of the Cubee Printshops, what costumers will see, and what are the main Printshop features.

Want to open a 3D Printshop on Cubee? Click Here to get started.