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What is Cubee and how to use it – Tutorial

The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining what Cubee is, and how you can simply use it.

Cubee is a digital commerce platform based on localized manufacturing, through 3D printing.

Cubee enables 3D printer owners to open a smart digital print shop – even if they only have one printer. Once they open a Printshop, they get their very own landing page with hundreds of models to sell, instant price quotes, transaction processing, and order management to reach new consumers and grow their business.

Today, Cubee has hundreds of registered 3D Printshops all over the world that use Cubee to provide on-demand 3D printing services.

Cubee is also a home for designers. we provide a way for them to sell their digital designs as products anywhere in the world. That means – a designer can take its design, upload it to Cubee, and then once it’s sold it is automatically manufactured near the location of its consumer. These models also link to customization technology, so each consumer can make your products their own.

You’re welcome to watch our Tutorials explaining what a Cubee Printshop looks like and how Cubee works.