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No Fees July! How, What and Why?

Exclusively until the end of July, Cubee has decided to waive Its transactions fees on any sales made by Printshops on the platform. This means that anyone with a free Printshop on Cubee will receive his payments combined with the Cubee transaction fees, and In Fact, make 10% more on any sale.

Generally, any sale made through a free Cubee Printshop is subject to the Cubee transaction fee, which is 10% of the Sale. The Cubee transaction fee is not relevant for subscribed Cubee Patron users and Cubiz users who pay a one-time monthly/yearly fee and are only charged the third party transaction fares, while enjoying premium features and a greater profit margin on their sales. Please contact support to learn more about Cubee subscription plans.

For the next two weeks, Cubee is introducing a special offer to all free Printshops on the platform. Cubee will not take fees from any sale made by a free Printshop for the entire month.

Notice: third party transaction fares that add up to 3% of the sale still apply on transactions made throughout the month, but all other fees usually charged by Cubee are canceled until July 31st.

No fees July is a perfect time to make use of the new Cubee Coupon feature, available for a limited time to free Printshops. Makers can use the Coupon feature to generate coupons at various discounts and give users a great reason to start using their services while at the same time, generating more profit – by not paying the Cubee fees.

Enjoy no fees July!