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Sell more on Cubee: A guide

Opening a Cubee Printshop is a great way to boost your 3D business, but there’s much more you can do to fully utilize Cubee’s system and harness the power of the 3D community. This guide explains what to do and how, but first – a short but essential introduction.

Short but essential introduction

Cubee is home to many. 3D businesses with printer farms, 3D hobbyists with a 3D printer in their garage, designers selling their models across the world & customers who want to buy 3D products.

In general, Cubee Printshops get two types of customers: 

1. Those who need 3D on-demand services.

2. Those who want to buy a specific product.

Both types can come from two different sources:

1. Those who find your business randomly through our printshop map.

2. Those who reach you directly – landing on your personal Printshop site.

Introduction’s over. Let’s get started 

Here are the first steps you need to take to get a customer base:

First step: Use your link

The best way to get started is to reach out to people you already know. They trust you and will recommend you to a friend. Copy your personal Printshop link, and share it: post it in your social media accounts, put it in your bio, and send it to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Second step: Use the model bank

The real groundbreaking component of the Cubee Printshop is the licensed 3D model catalog made by designers worldwide. It is featured on your storefront, and customers can browse through categories, buy products and even personalize their 3D prints in your shop. All the models we have are yours to sell. It means you can explore our 3D model bank inside your shop, choose models you like or think others will appreciate, and promote them. Every product has a unique URL you can post on your social media accounts to attract customers right to your shop.

Third step: Generate coupons

The best way to get the sales flowin’ is with special offers. You can create your own coupon codes through your store settings and can even provide 100% off coupons to friends & family. This great gift is also a way to get some reviews. That leads us to our next step.

Fourth step: Increase credibility

The best way to get more customers from outside your community is by showcasing real customer testimonials. Once you complete a printing job, customers will be asked to leave a review. Top reviews and your replies will be shown on your homepage for other customers to read.

Fifth step: Verify your Printshop

This is where you start getting more customers from inside Cubee.  A verified Printshop Is a Printshop that has been reviewed by Cubee and approved both as a trustworthy business and as a Printshop with sufficient manufacturing quality and capabilities. It is authorized to manufacture “secured” designer products and is open to unique collaborations with designers, brands & merchants. Read more here.

Sixth step: Get the marketing kit

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a Cubee Patron. One of which is the Patron marketing kit. Each patron member receives a personal kit that has a dual purpose: to help your store look better inside Cubee and give you tools to promote it outside. Among other treats, you can arrange a one-on-one meeting with Cubee’s marketing team and get model pics and time-lapse videos you can share on your social accounts.

Final step: Patience

This is the part when inspirational music starts playing in the background. Growing your business can take time. But you are in the right place at the right time. As the tech develops, local and private makers will continue to grow, E-commerce will slowly shift to local manufacturing, and the world will move in a greener, smarter direction.
One more note on patience. Cubee is in beta. We are a small team, working 24/7 to improve ourselves. Our product is constantly developing thanks to the community’s input, but there’s still much to do. Meanwhile – You can help us improve. Use this link to set up a 1X1 meeting with our team or just report a bug here.