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The Way We See It

A vision for the future of 3D commerce

The global chain of supply today is dependent on mass manufacturing and shipping. Though classic manufacturing techniques are projected to remain the most dominant production methods in the market, new methods such as 3D printing are growing fast and grabbing a strong foothold in the manufacturing market.

As 3D printing and scanning technologies develop, the spectrum of products they can manufacture widens. Demands are growing, expanding beyond classic 3D printing audiences (such as students, designers, and hobbyists) and becoming more and more appealing to general end consumers. 

3D printing represents a revolution in world manufacturing. Many see it as the cornerstone of Industry 4.0. It holds the potential to reorganize the global chain of supply, by locally manufacturing customizable objects on-demand, anywhere. 

Creating such a vast global spread of 3D printers might seem like quite an expensive, complex feat, but it actually isn’t… because it already exists. Dense urban environments worldwide are already webbed with privately-owned 3D printers. 1.2-1.5 Million 3D printers are expected to sell worldwide in 2021 alone, and many 3D printer owners are interested in providing 3D printing services for pay. 

The 3D printing community is the bridge between the ever-evolving innovative technology and everyday people wishing to utilize this amazing commodity. As the tech develops, local and private makers will continue to grow, E-commerce will slowly shift to local manufacturing and the world will move in a greener, smarter, location.