Sell more on Cubee: A guide

Opening a Cubee Printshop is a great way to boost your 3D business, but there’s much more you can do to fully utilize Cubee’s system and harness the power of the 3D community. This guide explains what to do and how, but first – a short but essential introduction. Short but essential introduction Cubee is home to… Continue reading Sell more on Cubee: A guide

3D Printed Ultrasound – a glimpse into the future?

Credit: The Noun Project

Ever since the invention of 3D printers, industries all over the world have utilized it to advance their work. Science, art, education – you name it. The field of medicine has been involved no less. So much so, that it uses 3D printing now to print babies – for medical and diagnostic reasons of course.… Continue reading 3D Printed Ultrasound – a glimpse into the future?

Let’s talk about 3D Printing in Space

On-demand manufacturing of parts and tools using 3D printing will dramatically reduce the time it takes to get parts into orbit and increase the safety of space missions while reducing mission costs: “The motto of our project is ‘Make it. Don’t take it'”.

What is Cubee and how to use it – Tutorial

Cubee enables 3D printer owners – even if they only have only one printer – to open a smart digital print shop. Once they open a print shop, they get their very own landing page with hundreds of models to sell, instant price quotes, transaction processing, and order management to reach new consumers and grow their business

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How Cubee works – Tutorial

If you have opened a Printshop, you have hundreds of designer models that you can sell. If you’re a designer, you have a product page that you can promote, and use to sell, but you also have thousands of places to manufacture your products once they are sold. But how does it work?

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Meet the Community: Robert Secor

Robert Secor joined Cubee with his six 3D printers, and opened a Printshop called “3D SandBox”. He’s involved in 3D printing since 2018, he invented a smart phone shoulder holder, and he believes that there is no limit to where you can get with 3D printing.

Meet the Community: Adam McDonnough

Adam McDonnough

Adam McDonnough, 33 from Arkansas, is a father and husband. He works as a packaging and display Designer, and he is the perfect example of how Cubee can help 3D Makers. Now that he has a link to his personal shop, he can share it with anyone that needs his services.

Projects we Love: airwewear

COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it, and caused many to radically alter their ways of being and adapt quickly to a new reality. Thesis projects in many art schools also took that year a different form, both in content and in their presentation. May Bar Levav, a student majoring in textile design, chose… Continue reading Projects we Love: airwewear

Projects we Love: 3D Pointe shoes

Noy Saias's project

When creators involve their past in design projects, a rare artistic encounter occurs, through the object itself, between the viewers of the project and the creator. One such project was made by Noy Saias, a talented industrial designer who graduated from Shenkar Institute of Art and Design in 2019. Noy ​​decided to return to her… Continue reading Projects we Love: 3D Pointe shoes