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Meet the Community: Robert Secor

CubeeJun 8, 2021
Robert Secor joined Cubee with his six 3D printers, and opened a Printshop called “3D SandBox”. He’s involved in 3D printing since 2018, he invented a smart phone shoulder holder, and he believes that there is no limit to where you can get with 3D printing.

Meet the Community: Adam McDonnough

CubeeJun 8, 2021
Adam McDonnough, 33 from Arkansas, is a father and husband. He works as a packaging and display Designer, and he is the perfect example of how Cubee can help 3D Makers. Now that he has a link to his personal shop, he can share it with anyone that needs his services.

Projects we Love: airwewear

CubeeJun 7, 2021
COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it, and caused many to radically alter their ways of being and adapt quickly to a new reality. Thesis projects in many art schools also took that year a different form, both in content and in their presentation. May Bar Levav, a student majoring in textile design, chose… Continue reading Projects we Love: airwewear

Projects we Love: 3D Pointe shoes

CubeeJun 7, 2021
When creators involve their past in design projects, a rare artistic encounter occurs, through the object itself, between the viewers of the project and the creator. One such project was made by Noy Saias, a talented industrial designer who graduated from Shenkar Institute of Art and Design in 2019. Noy ​​decided to return to her… Continue reading Projects we Love: 3D Pointe shoes

Welcome to your Printshop – Tutorial

CubeeJun 3, 2021
The following is a Cubee tutorial video, explaining what a Cubee Printshop looks like, and what you can do with it. Cubee in a new method of commerce – where everything is produced on-demand, locally. The platform gives the 3D printing community simple tools to provide enhanced services, optimizing & automating the cooperation between designers,… Continue reading Welcome to your Printshop – Tutorial

Become a “Verified Printshop”, How and Why

CubeeMay 25, 2021
Owning a Cubee Printshop is a great way to accelerate your on-demand 3D printing services. But to fully utilize the power of the 3D community to boost your 3D business, it is important to Verify your Cubee Printshop. What is a verified Printshop? A verified Printshop Is a Printshop that has been reviewed by Cubee,… Continue reading Become a “Verified Printshop”, How and Why